Thursday, May 28, 2009

Behind the Scenes :: Booster Gold's Graphite Polish

Hey geekz! Dropping by again to give you another peak at what I'm doing with my Booster Gold submission for the PNGz first project.

As you can see, I've added his little robot buddy Skeet, a background, and a logo (of sorts). Now, for this project I'll be losing the logo and the background, and just using the figure, as I'll be putting all of our single characters into one nifty collaborative piece. That being said, I still plan on adding the background and logo to the finished character later, so that it's a nice little stand alone piece that I can post in my gallery on deviantART.

Normally the finished pencils wouldn't look this blue, but I had to do some adjustments after scanning it in, because the bristol I'm using for this is actually almost ten years old. I've gotten into this need to dig up old art work that I've abandoned (no matter how old it is) and salvaging the paper by doing new work over the old. Because of the age, and the wear on the paper, when I scan it in normal, there is a big yellow stain toward the top of the figure, and it's just plain ugly. Here, take a look...
Pretty ugly, eh?

I've really been enjoying "rescuing" old paper for new projects. I throw next to nothing away, so over the years I've accumulated piles of paper of varying qualities and thicknesses, it would be a shame to just toss it all...not because I'm some kind of tree huggin' hippy--cause I ain't--but because I paid good money for it, so I might as well use it the best I can.

Hope ya'll enjoyed this second look into how I do things. I know, it's lots and lots of the same stuff you've seen everyone else do. What can I say...I like attention.

Take nothing for granted,

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