Thursday, May 28, 2009

Behind the Scenes :: The Brave & the Bold

Hey peeps, it's JB here to give you a little "behind the scenes" look at the making of my part of the PNGz first projects, The Brave & the Bold.

The Brave & the Bold is the name of both a DC comic book and animated cartoon currently running on the Cartoon Network. It features some awesome characters, great voice work, and better yet--incredible art style.

For this project, we decided to choose one of the many characters that populate this particular universe (emphasis on the animated version), and give them our personal touch. My character is none other than everyone's favorite showboat, Booster Gold! Here's a look at what I'm cooking up with the guy...

As you can see, with this project I've decided to start laying everything out using non-repro blue lead. Only reason it's showing up here is because I scanned it in as a color image. If I chose lineart or black and white, it wouldn't pick up. Upon closer inspection you'll see some inconsistencies in places regarding the costume. While I'm familiar with the character, I've never drawn him before, so trying to draw him from memory proved to be difficult. After grabbing a reference, however, eveything started falling into place.

You can really tell where I started making changes at the top of the sketch. I adjusted the style and direction of his neck flaps, I put a more defined line around his ear (to signify that it will not be exposed when I start the next step), and I added reflection lines across the goggles over the eyes, to show that in the finished version they won't be visible.

As with most of this types of sketches, I like to thumb out a pose in the corner before I start working on the actual image. In the bottom right hand corner, you can see just that. The image came to be quickly, as I know the nature of the character, and wanted something that would capture the cheesiness of him, yet still look powerful.

My tools:
11x14 Bristol Board
Orange Zebra 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil
Loaded w/ Non-Repro Blue Lead

Thanks for reading!

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