Thursday, May 28, 2009

Behind the Scenes :: Booster Gold Lineart!

So here's the first round of inks I'll put on this thing before colors. Decided to try my hand at inking this entire thing with a Faber-Castell Brush Pen. I really like how fluid and easy to use it's just a matter of getting use to applying proper pressure and angles for line weights.

I normally ink everything with Micron pens, and getting the desired line weights with those is easy! While I love Microns, though, sometimes I think it's easy to spot something that's been inked with a pen, and something that's been inked with a brush. And while I doubt serious inkers would consider a brush pen to be like inking with a real brush, it's one step closer. Baby steps steps.

From here I'll color it (usually using my vast assortment of markers and shapries) and then ink it one more time, because usually erasing the pencils from the inks, and then the addition of color, the lineart will become muted. Adding a final second layer of ink really makes everything pop.

Whelp, I hope you enjoyed checking these different stages of my process out for this piece. Unfortunately I won't be able to post anymore until the final piece comes out. I'm expecting it to be a real doozy! Hopefully I'll be able to bug some of my group mates to come in and show you some of what they're doing...although I can make no promises!


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